Feel the love.

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Don’t let the toothy smile fool you. I am a brooder, a worrier. I can focus on the empty half of the glass like nobody’s business. Sometimes my darkness isn’t even enlivened by irony. Hell, just a few weeks ago I wrote a song entitled “Lament (For All Purposes)” with a refrain that goes, “Human beings break your heart.” I know! Absolutely piteously earnest.

Occasionally the bleak dessert of my reflexive pessimism is interrupted by a small, good thing. This week, it’s the following little bit of lovely news. I’m playing a house concert next week with ellen cherry, a terrific singer-songwriter who is now my friend and artistic-entrepreneurial collaborator. The response we’ve gotten to the concert as well as the bigger project is already overwhelming, and we haven’t even begun the true publicity push yet. On Saturday, in a classic Baltimore rowhouse about 13 feet wide, ellen and I will play some tunes and preview our Floyd project, MOBTOWN MOON. The project is huge and will require time, money, additional collaborators and supporters, and an insane amount of planning. More details soon to come. Meanwhile, though, we’ll play our little concert for about 50 people on Saturday and plant the seed of this eighteen-month process. It is only through the love and support and good wishes of our friends and fans that we can even imagine pulling off this crazy business! I thank the horrifically cold and tragic universe for sending small random blessings.