New year? I’m already resolved.

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Poof! There goes another year. The good news is that, at least for now, they’re still churning out subsequent ones every 365 day or so.

Almost nothing feels as good as landing upright in the first week of January and realizing I don’t need resolutions. I am thick in media res, living my dreams (well, some of them), enjoying myself, taking care of my family, knocking tasks off my list. Sure, I could choose to stress over all the unaddressed ambitions and incomplete projects (chaotic kitchen junk drawer, anyone?). Let’s just say I prefer to keep the Maybe I’ll get to it one day!?!? list over in a box in the corner, while imminent plans and projects are productively underway.

I’ve been implementing–slowly–the ideas in a book called GETTING THINGS DONE by David Allen. It’s aimed at business leaders and middle-manager types, but I now understand that a freelance career in the arts requires a CEO-level of organization, planning, and follow-through. “Be sensible and orderly in your habits, like a bourgeois, so you may be violent and original in your work.” That was Flaubert’s motto, and I’m borrowing it for the foreseeable future.

I’m not so sure about “violent,” but “original” certainly is a goal of mine–even when it’s cover material. Two years ago, MOBTOWN MOON was just a crazy idea I had about creating an eclectic, multi-genre arrangement of Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON…but with the help of my co-creator ellen cherry, it will soon be a reality. We’ll be announcing the launch of our fan-funding campaign and the release of our first single from that major collaborative project. Also about two years ago, I was still mucking around in a first draft of my memoir, SONGS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. It’s been completed and undergone one significant revision, and now all I need to do is schedule time to make sure I get an excellent, third (and final) draft written while the spirit still moves me. And then there are my latest original songs, some as old as 3 years, some as new as two months. I’ve been playing them publicly, here and there. Soon I’ll be recording the best of those new tunes and launching at least one new CD before the year is out. Stay in touch!